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This week, a candid conversation with Bryan Jury of Epicenter Studios, the team behind the new Wii release Real Heroes: Firefighter. How did a tiny development team with an even tinier budget create one of the summer’s most original games? Why was the Wii their platform of choice? And does Bryan REALLY admit the graphics aren’t very good? I told you – he’s VERY candid. Our thanks to Bryan Jury for a fantastic interview. With Chi Kong Lui, Brad Gallaway, and Tim Spaeth.
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The celebration concludes! Dan Weissenberger discusses the fallout from his controversial (and legendary) Halo 3 review. Plus, we get to know the newest GameCritic, Richard Naik, and our old friend Gene Park drops by to reminisce about the old days. In the final segment, Chi, Brad, Mike and Tim reunite and share a few final stories from the last ten years, including the Pokemon Snap review, the Games as Art conundrum, and the secret origin of this very podcast. We cap it off with an amazing roll call as we remember the colleagues and friends who helped make the site it is today. To all our readers and listeners, thanks so much for being a part of the family; we couldn't do it without you.
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The celebration continues! Scott Jones of Crispy Gamer and Reviews on the Run reminiscences about his time writing for He's candid, he's hilarious, and it's a must-listen. Plus, Brandon Erickson! Jason Karney! Unnerving MMO playtime revelations! Our official stance on Sonic the Hedgehog! All that and much, much more as we commemorate a decade of With Chi Kong Lui, Mike Bracken, Tim Spaeth, and Felipe the Producer. 
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The celebration begins! Critics past and present join us for the ultimate retrospective as we celebrate ten years of It's a fiesta so enormous we split it into THREE separate podcasts! In Part 1, we assemble the four original GameCritics for the first time ever, as Ben Hopper, Dale Weir, Chi Kong Lui, and Brad Gallaway discuss the birth of the site and how it changed their lives forever. We also catch up with husband and wife critics Erin Bell and David Stone, and Tera Kirk drops by to offer her congratulations. Also featuring Mike Bracken and Tim Spaeth. Special thanks to Felipe the Producer.
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