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Keep a tissue at the ready as we bid Tim a fond farewell. But before he takes his final bow, we explore the light and dark sides of Bioware with Star Wars: The Old Republic and the Mass Effect 3 demo. Plus The Horror Geek tackles Final Fantasy XIII-2; surely it can't be worse than its predecessor...or can it? Featuring Tim "Yup, I put my name first" Spaeth, Chi Kong Lui, Brad Gallaway, Mike Bracken, and Richard Naik.

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Used games, gender uncertainty, ignoring player feedback, invigorating cutscenes, Transformers shopping advice, Kirk vs. Picard -- All that and much, much, MUCH more on the surprisingly wholesome 69th episode of the Podcast. Featuring Chi Kong Lui, Brad Gallaway, Mike Bracken, Richard "Thumb Integrity Means Nothing to Me" Naik, and Tim Spaeth.

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