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Our first off-week adventure takes us into the land of Fallout. A lively debate on Fallout 3 versus Fallout New Vegas gets top billing, and then we compare the Fallout of today to the Fallout of the past, and try to find out if the old spirit still lives, Featuring Richard Nak, Chi Kong Lui, Brad Gallaway, Tim "The Gambler" Spaeth, and Darren Forman.

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Where one story ends - sorry Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U - another begins anew. Welcome to the new, but pretty damn familiar podcast with brand new co-host Sinan Kubba of Joystiq - yes, co-host - more details inside...  Join Sinan and regular ruffians Mike Bracken, Richard Naik, Chi Kong Lui, and Brad "The Guy You Know" Gallaway as they summarize GDC and PAX East in two seconds, explore the depth of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, sink to the depths of Aliens: Colonial Marines, and fathom how the growing prevalence of broken-at-launch games is hurting the industry. All this and more in a podcast episode that will rewrite history, woo-oo.  

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