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This week we put the fate of our show in the hands of our listeners and came up with a bevy of hot topics, from the Xbox 180 to the distinction between AAA and indie games. Featuring Richard Naik, Brad "doesn't know what a conch is" Gallaway, Chi "no menus" Kong Lui, Michael Cunningham, and Ashley King.

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THis week we attempt to scratch the mountain that is the backlog by getting to some of those titles that we've always *wanted* to play, but never made the time for. Now, we have made the time, at least for three of the games. The crew dishes on I Am Alive, Sleeping Dogs, and Heavenly Sword, and more, plus a What We've Been Playing roundtable. Featuring Sinan Kubba, Chi Kong Lui, Brad Gallaway, and Richard Naik.

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