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Sinan Kubba is joined by the full house of Brad Gallaway, Chi Kong Lui, Mike Bracken, and Richard "Ouya" Naik to celebrate a historic fixture in the history of the podcast: The grand return of the Horror Geek. Oh, and 100 episodes of a podcast that's been like a pair of tattooed knuckles, offering both love and hate for all things gaming.. Yes, one knuckle's been slightly bigger than the other. Okay, not slightly.

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With 100 percent more podcast regulars than last time, the almost significant Episode 99 delves into Pokemon X, Etrian Odyssey Untold, How to Survive, and Demon's Souls. Then it's question time, covering everything from favourite Final Fantasy magic systems to the issues surrounding the Barkham Origins embargo. All of this in the allegedly capable hands of Sinan Kubba, Brad Gallaway, Richard Naik, and special guest Michael 'Mack' Cunningham.
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