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For episode 150 we turn to the final entry in the Souls series, at least until it's rebooted. We delve into major Dark Souls 3 spoilers around the 17 minute mark, so you have been warned. Also, brief chitchat about Mirror's Edge Catalyst demo, Salt & Sanctuary, and making fun of the WiiU. Featuring Richard Naik, Brad Gallaway, Mike Suskie, and Ashley King.

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The gang returns after yet another long hiatus to deliver a showstopping discussion of Ubisoft's latest apology game in The Division, plus we also marvel at the sheer Division (give me a pun award please) among our panelists regarding the most recent Zack Snyder spectacular, Batman vs Superman. The BvS segment featured *heavy* spoilers and starts around 1:12. Starring Tim Spaeth, Chi King Lui, Brad Gallaway, Dan Weissenberger, and Gene "The Media" Park.

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