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From Kratos to Zelda, from Neo to Scorpio, and from LeVar Burton to the Ends of the Earth, it's our annual roundup of gaming's biggest week. E3! What more could you possibly need to know? Featuring Chi Kong Lui, Brad Gallaway, Richard Naik, Corey Motley, and Tim "Gauntlet Schmauntlet" Spaeth.

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LIVE from the Internet, it's the first ever GameCritics playcast! Richard and Suskie join forces to debate the merits of Blizzard's latest powerhouse and to talk about how great Team Fortress 2 was/is.

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We'd like to tell you about our favorite sequels of all time. Won't you join us? Plus exclusive behind-the-scenes tales of the GameCritics website relaunch! Oooh, juicy! Starring Chi Kong Lui, Brad Gallaway, Richard Naik, Richard Naik's Respiratory System, and Tim Spaeth.

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