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Our tenth (tenth!) Game of the Year spectacular is not just a celebration of 2017, but of all the spectaculars that preceded it. Marvel as we countdown to our ultimate Game of the Game of the Year! Starring your heroes Brad Gallaway, Mike Bracken, Richard Naik, Dan Weissenberger, Mike Suskie, and Tim "Quicksilver" Spaeth.

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The A Squad is back! Join the classic crew for a riveting E3 2017 roundtable, with Richard Naik, Chi Kong Lui, Brad Gallaway, and *gasp* Mike Bracken.

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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 - is it a buggy disaster, or the game of the year? Could it be both? Join a trio of critics as they explore this modern shooter that's as brilliantly designed as it is nearly unplayable!

Host Dan Weissenberger (@gc_danny)is joined for this podcast by:

Elijah Beham(@paradigmfallen), whose unabridged video game reviews can be found at the Unabridged Gamer YouTube Page, and Xalavier Nelson Jr. (@WritNelson), a narrative designer whose Patreon offers a better Bio than I could ever write!

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It's an old-timey affair as GameCritics veterans swap tales of the Nintendo Switch and gush over The Legend of Zelda: Faith of the Heart (or whatever it's called). Plus, we employ hard science to determine the best Zelda experience of all time. With your very attractive pals Chi Kong Lui, Richard Naik, Mike Suskie, and Tim Spaeth.

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The PSVR check-in returns with an extended look at the first-ever AAA VR title: Resident Evil VII. Join Steven and Dan as they go through the ins and outs of both the overall game, and the experience of being inside the Baker Homestead. Warning - spoiler talk starts ~25 minutes into the show. There is a warning and alarm.

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Mike (@MikeSuskie) and Dan (@gc_danny) have a lot to say about Resident Evil 7, and it's almost universally positive. Join them for an in-depth discussion, and then join them again after the final musical break for some spoiler talk. In between, they get giddy over killing Nazis and talk some smack about Paul Anderson (the bad one).

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A sextet of GameCritics' finest reflect on the year that was. It's an old school holiday spectacular packed with all negativity you've come to expect (and surprisingly more than a dash of good cheer). With Brad Gallaway, Richard Naik, Dan Weissenberger, Corey Motley, Mike Suskie, and Tim Spaeth.

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Join Richard (@richardnaik) and Dan (@gc_danny) as they explore the wonders of Dishonored 2. Also, be sure to listen *after* the ending theme for some hot Dishonored spoilerific talk as well. Also featuring some chatter about Luke Cage, the 2016 US Presidential Election, and rails shooters.

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The first episode of the rebranded, relaunched, retooled, and rebooted GameCritics media effort. Richard Naik and Tim Spaeth discuss the reasons behind the switch, and also discuss the Nintendo Switch and the art of segue. For the second half of the show (starting around the one hour mark) Dan Weissenberger and our good friend Steven Brown run down the Playstation VR launch effort and attempt to not look silly in VR gear.

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