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How many games actually need to be played to completion in order to be truly experienced? That is the question we attempt to tackle in this episode, along with a healthy dose of watcha been playing. Featuring Richard Naik, Brad Gallaway, Ashley King, and first-timer Rowan Kaiser. That rhymes!

Also, as you may have heard Rowan is writing a book about Mass Effect.


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Sinan Kubba takes roll call and finds Brad Gallaway, Chi Kong Lui, and Mike "Aesthetics" Bracken in attendance for a first period of Whatcha Been Playing, followed by an extended study on the next-gen consoles. 

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We had so much fun doing our Game of the Year show we decided to invite some of our best friends to a special supplemental episode. All the major awards are covered, including a surprise GOTY pick. Featuring Richard Naik, Tim "I'm a damn man" Spaeth, Michael "Mac" Cunningham, and Jeffrey Matulef.

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Expectations are always high for our year-end festivities, and we aim not to disappoint for 2013. We run down the most notable games from 2013, our own personal highlights, and as always the spine-tingling GOTY vote. Featuring Sinan Kubba, Brad Gallaway, Mike Bracken, Richard Naik, Daniel Weissenberger, and special guest James Carter of Caine and Rinse fame. Also, apologies for the low quality of my audio.

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Now that 2013 is winding down it's time to catch up on some of the hot new holiday releases, covering the latest David Beyond Two Souls, Barkham Origins, ZombiU, and The Legend of Zelda Link to the Past 2, also known as Link Between Worlds. Featuring Richard Naik, Chi Kong Lui, Brad Gallaway, Mike Bracken, Sinan Kubba, and Tim "coitus" Spaeth.

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The podcast gets rythmic on us as we talk game music, some of our favorite tracks, why game music is special, and what has been lost as games have evolved from their technologically limited origins. Featuring Richard Naik, Chi King Lui, Michael "Mac" Cunningham, and special guest Matt Hunter from the A Jumps B Shoots podcast. 

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Sinan Kubba is joined by the full house of Brad Gallaway, Chi Kong Lui, Mike Bracken, and Richard "Ouya" Naik to celebrate a historic fixture in the history of the podcast: The grand return of the Horror Geek. Oh, and 100 episodes of a podcast that's been like a pair of tattooed knuckles, offering both love and hate for all things gaming.. Yes, one knuckle's been slightly bigger than the other. Okay, not slightly.

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With 100 percent more podcast regulars than last time, the almost significant Episode 99 delves into Pokemon X, Etrian Odyssey Untold, How to Survive, and Demon's Souls. Then it's question time, covering everything from favourite Final Fantasy magic systems to the issues surrounding the Barkham Origins embargo. All of this in the allegedly capable hands of Sinan Kubba, Brad Gallaway, Richard Naik, and special guest Michael 'Mack' Cunningham.
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Sinan is joined by just one GameCritic in the form of Brad Gallway, so takes the opportunity to have a Big Red Potion reunion by bringing his former co-host Joe DeLia and Eurogamer's Jeffrey Matulef onto the show. The quartet take a dazzlingly irreverent (and temporally irrelevant) dash through the games they've been playing, covering The Last of Us, Saints Row 4, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, Ico, Wordament, Asura's Wrath, and The Wolf Among Us

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This week we talk about sex and romance in games, who gets it, who doesn't, and how it can be better incorporated in the future. If nothing else, I promise that you will never look at an iPad the same way again. Featuring Chi "Approval Points" Kong Lui, Brad Gallaway, Sinan Kubba, Richard Naik, and Samantha Allen.

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